Outlook.com Backup Wizard – Download Emails to Computer

If you wish to export your Outlook.com emails to your Computer. You need to first take backup of your emails. But, transferring Outlook.com files is quite difficult as it involves a complicated process. Outlook.com which is a personal information manager web app that primarily works as service providers of emails. It’s one of the world’s first webmail services. Here, we are going to discuss how you can export outlook.com data files into flash drive using a quick way approach. Download this outlook.com backup wizard to save outlook emails:

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Reasons to Backup Outlook.com Emails to computer

Sometimes you want to delete some unusual messages that are of little importance. Maybe it’s out of date and you don’t need them. You can easily remove them but what if you need it later? But you can’t delete them because of data retention policies that require you to keep more emails. You may really need a lot of old messages.

In these situations, what you can do is back up your emails and then delete them. You still have them, backups are usually an ideal method in these types of situations. Email Backup allows you to keep your inbox and your folders clean, while making sure you always have it backed up and also ensures you that you will not lose any data that you have backed up. However, since the approach is generally more complex to manage centrally on a secure infrastructure.

In fact, while backup is such a good idea, keeping it to yourself is worth it. You can also access it offline when you do not have internet connectivity.

Methods to Download Outlook.com Emails 

There are two manual methods to export emails from Outlook.com to new computer:

  1. Export mails from Outlook.com using web portal features
  2. Download emails through Outlook.com Configuration 
  3. Outlook.com Backup Wizard- A Professional to save your emails

METHOD 1:  Export mails from Outlook.com using web portal features

Follow the steps which are mentioned below to use this feature:

  1. Open https://outlook.live.com in your browser.Outlook.com backup wizard 1
  2. Login your account using your login credentials.
  3. Tap on the gear icon to select Settings.Outlook.com backup wizard 2
  4. Click “View All Settings”.
  5. In the new tab, go to “General Settings” and Select “Privacy & Data” from the drop down menu.Outlook.com backup wizard 3
  6. In the Privacy & Data tab, click Export Mailbox”.Outlook.com backup wizard 4
  7. You will also be informed that your backup file will be ready in 4 days.Outlook.com backup wizard 5
  8. After your copy is ready. You will receive an email with a link to download the contents of your mailbox.Outlook.com backup wizard 6

Limitations of this method:

  1. This method is unreliable because you can’t wait 4 days to receive your files.
  2. It will be difficult for non-technical users.
  3. This method takes a lot of time and extra effort.
  4. Data loss can occur in this complex process.

Method 2:  Download emails from Outlook.com using Print Option

This is the easiest and simplest method to save emails on outlook.com. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Enter this URL https://www.outlook.live.com on any browser.
  2. Log in to your Outlook.com account using your login credentials.
  3. Now, choose and open the emails one by one which you want to export.
  4. Tap on the three dots from above and select the Print option to save as PDF.
  5. Then, a new tab will pop-up on your screen , click on the Save as PDF.
  6. Finally, choose your desired location  and click Save.
  7. You have successfully exported the Outlook web app mailbox.


  • By using this manual method you can easily save your files but this process will take you a lot of time. Since it is a very long and time consuming process.
  • This method is only suitable for 10-15 emails. After that you will get frustrated with doing the same process over and over again.

Outlook.com Backup Wizard – Dependable Solution

Professional tool is applicable to download your files in an easy way to Outlook.com to your desired location. This Outlook.com backup wizard is an effective approach to backup your files in multiple formats like PST, PDF, EML, MSG, MBOX, TGZ, XPS, CSV, EMLX, DOC, HTML, RTF, NSF, ICS, vCard, and many more. You don’t need to invest a lot of time in this process. Just simply download this utility from the below download button and analyze the process in minimum time. 

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Go through the steps which are explained below to know how to use in a better way:

  1. Install and start this utility using the above download link.
  2. Now, select ‘Outlook.com” in the list of email services.Outlook.com backup wizard(1)
  3. Enter your outlook.com ID and password to login.Outlook.com backup wizard
  4. Now, this wizard will scan all your email folders and sub-folders.Outlook.com backup wizard 3
  5. Select the folders of which you wish to backup your files.
  6. Choose Select Saving Option to select your desired file format. You can choose from 15+ file formats.Outlook.com backup wizard 5
  7. Select destination Path to locate your files as per your choice.Outloo.com backup wizard
  8. Click “Backup” to start saving emails to computer.Outlook.com backup wizard 6

 Your backup will be completed in time as per the file formats of your choice.

Prominent feature of this Utility:

  • IMAP Feature: This is one of the best features of this utility if your chosen email service provider is not in the source list. You can select IMAP in the source lists and you can sign in with that particular email client and back up your emails.
  • Fast & Accurate: You can back up your email in less time. And it also gives you accurate results with 100% safe and secure assurance.
  • 24/7 Support: If you find any difficulty in backing up the process, you can contact our support executives at any time and communicate your issue with us. You will get your solution on time.
  • Unlimited Backup: Once you buy our licensed version, you get unlimited backup facility to back up your files. You can back up countless emails at no charge.
  • Move emails to desktop email clients: If you want to transfer your files from one email service provider to another desktop email client like Zimbra, Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Lotus etc. You don’t need to follow a lengthy process to configure.
  • Create Backup file in 20+ file formats: In manual methods, the only option you have is to back up your files in single formats. But here, you will be given the freedom to export your emails in different formats as per your needs and requirements.
  • Backup of Multiple accounts in one Go: This feature is an advantage for users who have multiple accounts and want to back up in a single attempt. So your query will end here. You can download your emails from multiple accounts. It saves a lot of time and your manual efforts.

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Therefore, it is important to backup your files in order to save them in the desired location. We have discussed here various ways to back up your files from outloo.com to flash drive using Outlook.com Backup Wizard. But, it is up to the users to choose the manual method or go for the professional method. The needs of users differ from person to person. If a user is willing to invest a lot of time, they can rely on manual solutions. If users want a quick approach then they should go with our software. So, choose wisely.