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Download emails from cloud to desktop with this Email Backup Wizard. This Software will help you to backup emails to another email service provider as well. Bonus: Archive emails in more than 25+ file formats.
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Why to Take Email Backup?

Email Services are indispensable in corporate activities, and are systematized in a wide range of operations, and various information is stored. Of course, if a company loses access to their email accounts due to server failures, human error, malicious external attacks such as viruses and hacks, and even natural disasters can cause data loss., it will have a big impact on its business activities.

The first is to provide “insurance” in the event of data loss. Email backup includes not only stored email messages, but also contacts and calendar data. Backups are necessary to continue accessing your emails anytime or anywhere.

The second is to do it as an “evidence record“. This is a backup as a monitoring function when there is a risk of information leakage or falsification of information. When some trouble or suspicion of falsification of information occurs, the cause can be analyzed by comparing it with the previous data backed up.

What Email Backup Wizard Delivers?

This Email Backup Software is one of the most popular and adoptable solution to download emails from cloud servers. Download it for FREE and explore its mindblowing features. 

Email Backup

This Advanced Utility allows you to backup emails from More than 200 email service. You can download the backup of your desired email in more than 10 saving Options. Backup your Emails Efficiently, and experience the freedom with ease

Email Migration

If you wanted to switch to a new email platform then look no further. Email Backup Wizard allows you to migrate emails data between two email services. with this advanced utility your data moves easily and efficiently.

Email Extraction

Email Backup Wizard is a gem for users of all level. This wizard allows users to selectively extract emails, attachments and more. It guarantees the preservation of data integrity through advance algorithms and encryption protocols.

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Email Backup Wizard:
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Email Backup Wizard Allows you to backup emails from more than 200 email services. See supported email services by clicking below


Highlighted Features of the Mail Backup Tool

This advanced utility is equipped with fantastic key features, including the following notable ones

Maintain Folder Hierarchy

During the email backup process, the software has the ability to preserve the key elements of the email (cc, bcc, subject name, date, time, hyperlink, embedded images, signature, etc.) as it is formed. On the other hand, the software will also maintain the mailbox folder hierarchy. Hence your emails and other mailing data will not be modified or damaged during this process.

Email Filtration

Mail Backup Tool updated version comes with a few amazing features including this one. To get rid of complete email backup, the software will assist you by offering the Advance Email Filter option. This feature will enable users to backup selective emails. You can filter the emails by Date range, from, to and subject name. So that you can download emails of your choice without wasting any time.

Cloud Migration

This Email Backup Tool allows you to migrate emails from one cloud server to another in a few simple clicks. Just select your email account and enter the login details of both the source and targeted account. The tool will efficiently transfer Gmail to another Gmail account, Yahoo Mail, Office 365 and many other cloud server accounts. This is an all-in-one solution to backup emails to another mailing source or file format.

Multiple Saving Options

Mail Backup Tool offers various options to save mailbox data. After downloading emails in a file format helps you to secure your important data from unseen situations. Use the tool and backup emails into PST, PDF, CSV, EML, MSG, MBOX, TGZ, XPS, EMLX, DOC, HTML, RTF, NSF, ICS, vCard, and many more. and many other file-saving options. If you have your data in a file, then it is easy to transfer to any platform without any solution.

Backup Emails from Different Sources

This all-in-one solution allows users to backup emails from different mailing sources. The tool gives the option to download emails from 90+ email accounts without any hassle. Try the software and backup emails from Gmail, Office 365, Yandex, GoDaddy and all other IMAP Servers. Just select the mailing source and enter your login details. After that choose the targeted account and complete the backup.

Download Emails to External Drive

Mail Backup Tool updated version comes with an amazing feature that efficiently downloads emails to external hard drives and other storage devices. The software gives the option to select the destination path where you can choose the location be it your PC or external hard drive. In this way, you have a backup[ copy of your important emails in your system that will come in handy in any unforeseen situations.

Backup Emails in Batch

If you are using multiple mail accounts to manage your emails and want to backup their data, then this Mail Backup Tool is for you. This tool allows users to backup emails from multiple accounts in a single attempt. Just copy all your email addresses and passwords in a CSV file and click on the Use Batch Mode option. After that, upload the .csv file and backup your multiple account data at once.

Selective Backup

After you select the email source and enter your login details the tool loads your mailbox data. Here you can select the email folders (inbox, Sent, Draft, Contacts, etc) and backup them. This is a helpful feature that downloads only important data from your account and avoids unwanted backup. You can select single as well as multiple folders and backup your emails without any hassle.

Support Windows & Mac

This Email Backup Wizard works on both Windows as well as Mac systems. Windows users can easily download and run this tool on their Windows 11, 10, 7 and all other versions. On the other hand, Mac OS users can also operate this automated tool on their Mac OS X 10.0, Mac OS X 10.1 and all other versions.


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