AOL Mail Backup Wizard- Download Emails to Computer

Are you looking for ways to back up AOL email? So your query for search ends here. As we are going to discuss the easiest and simplest solutions by which you can download all your emails. In this Blog, you will get the complete details on how you can export your emails using a manual and professional approach both. Read this article till the end to analyze the process. You can download your emails quickly without any cost. Try a free professional tool like AOL Mail Backup Wizard to back up your emails in no time, you can download this software for free from here:

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Reasons to Backup AOL Mail

  • Backing up email means making copies of your important files and downloading them either locally or on a cloud server.
  • Therefore, we can better understand how important our emails are to us. There are many reasons when we need to back up emails. The most prevalent reasons are data theft, unintentional errors by humans and many others.
  • Email backups protect users and help free up space on email servers. If you are switching to another platform this is easy to implement if you have already taken your backup.

Benefits of having backup

Sometimes having a backup not only keeps our mind relaxed, but it also serves as a way for us to continue with our work. Backing up emails (data) is what happens when you are skydiving and you have a parachute as an option to save you. As backup treats you in this scenario.

  1. Quick Access
  2. Free Up Space
  3. Data Sharing
  4. Protection Against accidental errors

Backup AOL Mail – Top three methods to download emails

Backing up AOL Mail and data to your local system is easy. There are several methods by which you can back up AOL Mail emails. But we have discussed 3 best methods that make your backup process more easy.

  1. Download AOL Mail emails through Print Messages Feature.
  2. Configure AOL mail on Outlook
  3. Professional approach to save AOL mail to PC

Method 1. Save AOL Mail Via Print Message Option

  1. Visit AOL Webmail’s website through this link and login to the AOL account with your login credentials.Login AOL
  2. Move to the Inbox folder or any other where you want to save your email. Open that message and click on “More”.Steps
  3. Select the drop-down menu on the right pane and select “Print Message”.drop-down step
  4. A new tab will open in the window, click “Change”.change option
  5.  Select the “Save as PDF” option and tap the “Save” button to download AOL email to the as PDF
  6. You can also choose your desired location to save your PDF files on the computer.desired location


Yes, no doubt you will definitely face challenges by using this method to save your files in your computer. Save as a PDF alternative will take a lot of effort and time.

This process is only suitable for certain amounts of email. After that you’ll go over how you’re going to back up bulky emails.

Method 2. Steps on How to Setup AOL account on Outlook:

 Adding an AOL Mail account to Outlook is the easiest method for backing up emails. This method does require an email client like Outlook. Follow the steps which are mentioned below to backup AOL Mail emails.

  1. Open Outlook desktop email client application in your system.
  2. Click File in the Outlook top backup
  3. In the new tab on the left, select Info >> then select Add Account.AOL Mail Backup 3
  4. Now, enter your AOL email ID and tap on “Connect”._access-aol-email-outlook-
  5. Again, enter your AOL email account password and click “Connect”._access-aol-email-outlook-
  6. Tap “Done” to proceed and close MS Outlook. Now an AOL email account has been added to the Outlook desktop email client and it will download your email to your account._access-aol-email-outlook-5
  7. Restart Outlook and click Send/Receive All Folders to back up all emails from AOL to Outlook.
  8. Select the File menu.
  9. Select the Open & Export section and Tap on the Import/Export option.Import/Export option.
  10. In the New Tab, choose the option Export to File.Export to a file
  11. Select the Outlook Data File (.PST) option.Export to a file-3
  12. Select the mailbox folders you want to export to a PST file and Tap “Next” to proceed.choose folders to backup
  13. Choose a location on your system to save the AOL PST file.
  14. Select “Finish” to complete the process.

Limitations of Manually Moving AOL emails to Outlook:

  • Undoubtedly this is easy to backup your files. but it is a very time-consuming and lengthy process.
  • users may get frustrated while following these long steps. as you can see first you have to add your AOL mail to Outlook application then you have to again export it to PST format.
  • This is also not suitable for the users who want to download their backup in multiple formats. as we know outlook only exports files in Predefined format. i.e, .pst.

Method 3. A Powerful Tool- AOL Mail Backup Wizard

After understanding the manual methods to back up AOL Mail. Now, let’s move on to our professional tool. We believe that you now understand very well that free solutions are very complex and difficult to follow. To overcome the difficulties of this manual solution, we’ve built our wizard in such a way to make you download your AOL mail emails faster, in no time. In this description of the AOL Mail Backup Wizard, we will explain in the following section the process that enables users to save AOL Mail Server emails to their computers. Because a number of users may be looking for a quick and efficient approach that can definitely download their data during the process. AOL Email Backup Software gives the best solution to back up your email from AOL Mail Server.

Now, Download and Install this application on your system using following Download Button:

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How to Take Backup of Emails Using AOL Mail Backup Wizard?

  1. Launch Email Backup Wizard Tool in your system.
  2. Select the AOL Mail option from the email source lists.AOL Mail Backup tool
  3. Enter AOL Mail Server Credentials in the login interface.
  4. This software will start connecting to AOL Mail accounts.
  5. It will start scanning your account and will show all your AOL Server folders and sub-folders. Choose the files as per your choice.
  6. Now, choose your saving option as your desired file format.
  7. The tool provides a file naming option to give the desired name of the email.
  8. You can also modify your backup process by using advanced filter options.
  9. Don’t forget to choose your destination path to save your files at the location of your choice.
  10. Click the Backup button to begin backup AOL Mail emails.

AOL Mail Backup Wizard- Major Feature and Benefits

AOL Mail Backup Wizard offers various premium benefits to its users for free. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Download AOL Mail Emails in Multiple File Formats: One of the amazing things about this tool is that it can back up emails in various formats. As you can see in the above method of Outlook Configuration, you will only get files in PST format and PDF format. There is no other option to choose your desired file format. For example, PST, MSG, EML, MBOX, PDF, DOC, RTF, HTML, etc.
  2. Advance Filter Option for Selective Backup: This software has an amazing feature of  advanced filter Option that enables users to selectively backup. Now, you can back up your emails by date, subject and select email addresses.
  3. One-Stop Solution: This wizard justifies the fact that it is one of the best among others because of the premium feature of having multiple features in just one application. You can easily download, transfer or backup email from cloud to computer with one tool.
  4. Compatibility: This software is capable enough to be compatible with all versions of Windows operating system. You can check it by installing it in any version of Windows OS.
  5. Backup Emails from Any Target Source: This wizard runs on the latest technology that enables users to download emails from any source. The tool has the capability to back up from over 90+ email service providers globally. For example, Gmail, Fast Mail,, Zoho Mail, Zimbra Mail, and many more.
  6. 24/7 Technical Support: Customer is our first priority. If you are facing any issue, you can directly contact our support system using two options. Via chat or you can email us.

To Conclude

Hence, backing up emails is one of the most correct decisions of the users, but choosing the right and best approach is more important. Users should think carefully before choosing any method. This article explains how to download AOL emails. For a small number of emails you can use manual methods but if you have a large number of emails, then you should go with a professional wizard.