Yandex Mail Backup Wizard – Download Emails to Computer

Summary: Are you one of those users who wants to export emails from Yandex Mail to their computer? If that’s the case, keep reading to learn how to download Yandex emails on your computer. We’ll show you how to download Yandex emails to your computer’s desktop in this article using best and simple methods. we have explained manual method as well as professional solution such as Yandex mail backup wizard in few simple steps. So, let’s get started.

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What is Yandex Mail?

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Yandex Mail is a Russian email service established by Yandex that is one of the top three email providers in the country. These services employ automatic spam filtering and anti-virus software to detect infections; however, certain malware attacks are undetected by anti-virus software.

Why is it necessary to Download Yandex emails to PC?

Yandex Mail recently improved its security conditions. It now includes alternatives for a stronger password, two-step verification, and an app password generator. However, nothing is safe in the interface and online world. Apart from that, there are a number of other reasons to back up Yandex Mail, including:

  • Data backups ensure that data is always accessible, even if there is no internet connection.
  • It’s possible that you’ll destroy some of your crucial data by accident and won’t be able to recover it. In situations like these, having a backup is essential.
  • If your account is hacked and you haven’t backed up your data then it would be a huge loss for you.

Many users are looking for a method to backup Yandex Mail to a safe and secure storage space. Let’s take up some query of the user:

“I’ve been a long-time user of Yandex Mail, and I’d like to save all of my business-related emails from my Yandex account to a local storage. Is it feasible to back up your data? only my two years of Yandex Mail emails rather than copying the entire data? please provide an easy way to download only the emails I need from Yandex Mail.”

“Hello, I’m moving my office to a new site. As a result, I’d like to save Yandex emails to my computer’s hard drive. Please provide a quick way for me to download Yandex emails to my PC. Your suggestions will be much appreciated.”

Methods to Backup Yandex Emails to Computer

In this section we are going to explain the best two methods to download Yandex.mail emails to computer. The numerous techniques for downloading all of your Yandex.mail emails to your computer are shown here. If you find the manual methods to be too lengthy, professional software can be used instead.

Method 1. Manually Backup Yandex.mail Emails via MS Outlook

Step 1. Configure Yandex Mail with Outlook

1. In “File” tab, Click “Add account” if you currently have an Outlook account and wish to add another.

yandex mail backup wizard

2. Choose “Manual configuration or more server types” and click “Next”.

download yandex emails to computer

3. Select POP or IMAP and tap Next to continue .

backup yandex emails to pc

4. Now enter the following details to add Yandex.mail account to outlook:

Username: Your Name

Email address: Your Yandex email address

Account Type: IMAP

Incoming mail server:

SMTP server:

Password: Yandex.Mail app password

Note: Your username is the first component of the address before the “@” sign if you’re configuring email delivery from a mailbox like “” Enter your entire email address as the username.

yandex mail backup tool

5. Other fields can be left at their default values, and then click “More settings”.

6. Select “Use Same setting as my incoming mail server” and enable the SMTP server requires authentication checkbox in the Outgoing mail server tab.

yandex mail backup software

7. Select the Advanced option from the drop-down menu in which choose SSL for the IMAP and SMTP servers in secured connection option. enter the port numbers for both IMAP and SMTP:

IMAP server- 993

SMTP server- 465

yandex email backup tool

8. To test the account settings, click Next in the Add a new account page to conclude account configuration.

9. Click Finish when you’ve double-checked that all of your settings are right. If not, double-check that all of the information is correct.

Step 2. Export Yandex emails from outlook

You can do the conversion process manually by following the procedures listed below.
1.Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer.

2. Select Import/Export from the File menu, then choose Open/Export.

import export wizard

3. Select Export to a file and click the Next button.

export yandex mail to pst

4. After you’ve chosen your Yandex mailbox folders, click Next to proceed further.

export yandex mailbox folders

5. Browse a location to save your files and click Finish.

download yandex emails with yandex email backup wizard

You’ve completed the Yandex mail to PST export process!


  • Manual approaches are not the best option for a variety of reasons, which we have explained below. These limitations are one of the main reasons why users find it difficult to move their email from Yandex.mail to the computer.
  • Users cannot migrate selective data to the destination using the manual technique. They must migrate whole data files, which will overflow the target mailbox.
  • The manual method, on the other hand, can be a time-consuming operation. Depending on the size and amount of emails, this process can take several days. Furthermore, using this method, only the inbox folder is imported.
  • The folder structure and data integrity are not preserved. The end-user will have a tough time finding the appropriate data files as a result of this.
  • Data integrity issues can arise as a result of the manual procedure. Many examples have been reported from throughout the world in which users have lost their data. Furthermore, there is always the possibility of file corruption.

Method 2. A Quick Solution- Yandex Mail Backup Wizard

To download Yandex emails to computer or any other local storage, you can opt for a reliable tool such as Yandex mail backup wizard that backs up all Yandex.mail emails with 100% accuracy. It also has multiple great features such as removing duplicate emails, filtering emails, etc. All you have to do here is, launch the software and keep opting for the options given in the software as per your needs. It will quickly export all your Yandex email data to your chosen location.

Steps to Download Emails from Yandex Mail to Computer

Download the Yandex Mail Backup wizard to computer by given download button:

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1. Launch and run this user-friendly software on your system.

yandex mail backup tool

2. Now, select “Yandex Mail” as email source from the list of 50+ email sources.

yandex mail backup wizard

3. Enter your Yandex Mail Account details in the interface.

yandex mail backup software

4. Thereafter, this tool will load all of your Yandex mailbox folder, choose the required email folders.

yandex webmail backup tool

5. Select the desired file saving option from 30+ saving options. Here, we will choose “PST” which is a universal file format.

download yandex.mail emails to computer

6. Browse the location through “Destination path” to save your resultant data on your computer.

yandex email backup wizard

7. Click on the “Backup” button to start downloading Yandex emails to the computer.

yandex webmail backup tool

Premium Features of Yandex Mail Backup Wizard

Yandex Mailbox to Webmail Transfer

Users can use this program to move their emails to various web-based server accounts such as Office 365, Gmail, Rediffmail,, Yahoo Mail, etc. Importing Yandex emails to popular webmail accounts is a cost-effective method.

IMAP option feature.

Yandex Email Backup Wizard is an amazing tool that allows you to download Yandex emails to an IMAP server account. The user can easily move Yandex emails to any IMAP-based server account using this feature in the tool.

Maintains Data Structure

The Yandex Mail Backup tool is the best application for users to preserve email properties, data integrity, and folder hierarchy when downloading Yandex email to a local drive or a web-based client. It will remain intact in its original format.

Multiple File Formats

The Yandex backup wizard’s biggest feature is that it allows users to save Yandex email in a variety of file formats to their local storage such as MBOX, PST, EML, HTML, PDF, etc. Users can save their emails in any format they want.

Preserves key Elements

Yandex emails in their native format (cc, bcc, date, time, message, signature, attachments, and so on) can be saved to your PC using the Yandex Backup wizard. This program safeguards critical aspects of your data while still preserving metadata’s authenticity. Users will be able to better control their data with help of this tool.

Selective Email Backup

The software’s selected option will come in handy for you. By selecting the required email folder from the list, you can get rid of the whole backup of emails. This option will save your time and effort automatically.


We have covered the most amazing and widely used methods to download Yandex emails to computer. The blog discusses a number of aspects that play a role in this complicated operation. You can see the benefits of using the Yandex mail backup tool that must be understood by users. For a successful email backup process, users must choose a reliable and trustworthy solution to backup their emails in a easy way.