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Yahoo Backup Wizard to Download Backup of Yahoo Emails

Summary: Due to the various uses of email services, users are concerned about their data security. Because in today’s time the email of the users is of great importance. This blog discusses various ways to export data from Yahoo Mail to a secure location. For a quick and easy process, you can download Yahoo Backup Wizard to save your data at no charge:

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This article discusses the ways you can back up your Yahoo Mail. In this scenario, where the user wants to download the email from Yahoo at the most secure location, users need to be careful while downloading any data using any of the methods. One step of yours will create chaos.

Why Yahoo Email back up is important?

Yahoo is the oldest US web based service provider. It is widely used by millions of users. It offers extensive features such as a search engine and an e-mail service. Yahoo was one of the first companies to enable users to find their questions online. It was once the leading search engine but due to many reasons users started switching yahoo to another email service. 

The more the email provider wants to secure the data of the users, the more external and internal factors hinder the data security of the users. And the users think to save their data to a safer place using backup solutions.

No one can oversee the Yahoo Mail global outage that even receives an official statement from the company. That was the first global outage of Yahoo since then the downing of the Yahoo mail began. It prevents users from accessing their own email accounts. Some accounts of users were also deleted and many lost their important data. Therefore, users use these types of conditions. Backup plays an important role to avoid further situations.

Benefits of Yahoo Mail Archiving

There are many benefits of downloading Yahoo emails:

1. When you are part of a team or business, you need to follow certain rules and regulations. For that case, you’ll need to store your data somewhere.

2. Most important updates from your day to day business activities saved in your email. A safe option would be to back up your email file to protect your files.

3. You may not always have internet access at hand, in that case, if you have backed up your data. Then you can access it anytime.

4. Switching to another platform: If you are switching to another email service. Then, transferring your important data to another cloud server will require a backup at that time.

5. Server failure: If Yahoo Mail’s server goes down. Users can take advantage of the backup.

Methods to Download Yahoo Mail backup

Yahoo Mail users can back up their Yahoo data manually or by using a third-party tool:

  1. Configure Yahoo mails to thunderbird
  2. Save Yahoo mails with MS outlook configuration

#1. Configure Yahoo mails to thunderbird

Users may easily export yahoo mails to local storage using any email client with IMAP and POP3 features. 

  1. First, launch thunderbird in your system.
  2. Go to the “Tool” option. i.e, Tool>>Account to thunderbird 1
  3. choose the “Add Mail Account” to thunderbird
  4. Enter the login details and Tap “Configure manually”.yahoo to thunderbird 3
  5. Choose POP, and enter the details. i.e, Server:, Port: 995, Encrypted Connection: to thunderbird 4
  6. for SMTP, Server:, Port: 465 or 587, Encrypted Connection: to thunderbird 5
  7. analyze the process and click “done”.
  8. Now, your yahoo mail account is set-up with thunderbird.
  9. Again open Mozilla thunderbird and tap the icon on the right side. select add-on option from the drop down menu.

    10.On new tab>> click “Up & coming option”.yahoo to thunderbird 7

     11.Now, on the search tab, enter and search Import/Export Plugin. Once you find it, download and install properly. it will ask you to restart Mozilla to thunderbird 8

    12.Go to the mailbox and right -click on all-mail and select the export folder from the menu shown to thunderbird 9

  1. select the folder in your system where you want to export your .mbox to thunderbird 10


It is a very time consuming process as it involves long steps to reach your destination.

It simply exports your file in MBOX format only. Users requiring different file formats may have difficulty using this process.

#2. Export Yahoo Emails to PC using MS Outlook 

Follow all the steps to add Yahoo mail to MS outlook:

  1. In outlook, go to File and click on “Add account”.
  2. Now, log in your Yahoo Mail Account, click the Connect to outlook 2
  3. Your account is added now.
  4. now, click on File>> Open & Export>> Import/ to outlook 1
  5. Select Export to a file>> Outlook Data File(.pst).
  6. Choose the Yahoo mail account.
  7. Select the location where the file will be saved.
  8. Click “Finish”.

Limitations of this manual method:

  • By following this method, the user will have to go through a time-consuming process.
  • There is no filter option to filter a specific data.
  • You are not given any preferred format to choose from the options. The file format is pre-defined in this process. The user may face difficulties.
  • Suitable method for those who are ready to invest a lot of their efforts and time.

An Effortless Solution to Backup Yahoo Emails

Download emails from Yahoo mailbox in a few easy steps using Yahoo email backup Tool. This is the best way to save your email in your desired location. A powerful and most efficient tool that is capable enough to transfer your files. For a quick and hassle-free process, you can opt for a professional tool. This tool not only exports your emails but also saves your emails with all attachments, journals, contacts, notes, etc. It is compatible with all versions of Windows. Download this tool for free at no cost:

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Follow the steps to download Yahoo emails to PC:

  1. Download this software using the above link and install it on your PC.
  2. Select your Email Source from the options list, where you can find more than 20+ email services providers name.
  3. Log in by Entering your Yahoo email account email backup 2
  4. Choose your folders from you wish to take backup from the left email backup 3
  5. select your preferred file format to export your emails in your desired email backup 4
  6. click on “backup” to finish your email backup 5
  7. it will take time as per your file format and quickly exports it in your desired location.

Why Choose Yahoo Backup Wizard?

  1. Multiple file formats: This software is capable enough to export your email files in any file formats you want. As above manuals are not providing any option to choose the solution.
  2. Export all attachments: After the entire yahoo backup process, it also downloads the attachments that are attached with the email.
  3. Free to download: Before making any purchase, it gives you a free trial version to test the capability of this software first and then trust it. All features and functions are available with the trial version.
  4. Compatibility: This software is compatible with all versions of Windows. You don’t have to worry about previous versions of Windows. You can choose to install in any version of Windows.
  5. Unlimited backup: This is one of the best features of this software that it provides you to take advantage of unlimited backup in licensed version.
  6. Lifetime Validity: Once you have purchased the licensed version of this software, you do not need to invest much in it. It guarantees you lifetime validity. You can use it multiple times with only one time investment.
  7. 24/7 Support: customers is our top priority. If you face any problem regarding the software, you can contact us anytime. Our Customer Care Executive will always be available 24/7. 
  8. IMAP feature: It is our universal feature of this software that makes it different from others. This option is available in the email source list, from where you can now back up emails from any email service provider globally.
  9. Folder Structure: It maintains the mailbox folder hierarchy. During the entire email backup process, this tool will create and maintain the folder structure and make it easy for you to identify it after the backup process.
  10. Change Language: You can choose any of your language options to export in your preferred language.
  11. Desired location to save: This software provides the freedom to save the backup file at your desired location. You must select the “Destination Path” for your specific target location. Then this software will automatically download the mailbox backup to your selected output path.


In conclusion, we can say that Yahoo Backup Wizard is a perfect and effective way to back up Yahoo Mail, Regardless of experience. Users do not need any technical skills to use. You can back up and restore emails professionally in just a few clicks with its user-friendly interface. It is up to the users to choose a manual solution or choose a desirable software to save their time and effort.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have any option to select the assigned folder?       Ans: Yes, you can choose your destined folder before backing up.
  2. Can I run this software on Windows server 2000?         Ans: Yes, this software is compatible with all previous versions of the windows.
  3. Is it possible to export files in multiple formats?             Ans: you can export your files in multiple formats as per your choice.