Roundcube Email Backup Wizard – Download emails to hard drive

Summary: If you are a Roundcube user and searching for how to back up emails from Roundcube. Then you will find this content very useful. At the end of this article you will find a solution regarding the Roundcube mailbox backup process from Thunderbird. Yes, you can easily back up your mailbox for free without any complicated process. This is possible by using Roundcube Email Backup Wizard. Download now using the link given below. Also, we are going to share some manual methods through which you can easily download your files. Wait till the end to understand it better.

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Why Do You Need Email Backup? 

Our email data may contain highly valuable business or personal information and if you require a specific email. It may take days or even weeks to find it. Once you start using it, slowly your mailbox starts getting scattered into different categories. And when you need a specific email, it becomes difficult for you to access it. So let’s understand in details that email backup is necessary for us:

  1. Prevents data loss: Regular data backup prevents data loss by enabling users to restore email content easily that was intentionally or unintentionally deleted.
  2. Service Downtime: No matter how strong and secure your email service is, there is no such thing as perfect security. Whatever is stored in the live servers, hacking attempts will always be a threat to them. So there your backup will be crucial at that time.
  3. Legal requirements: Sometimes there are multiple data regulations and compliance requirements that need to be met by different companies from different that scenario your backup will be treated as an option for evidence.
  4. Quickly access: Whenever you need your email data files for any requirement, you can easily access it even without internet connection. Emails and their attachments can be restored with Email Backup.

How to save Roundcube Emails to a hard drive?

In this section we are going to discuss some of the easiest ways through which you can easily back up your Roundcube mailbox to your hard drive. 

  1. Download a Single Message in .eml format.
  2. Export entire mailbox folder in .mbox format.
  3. Using Roundcube email backup wizard 

 Let’s understand the every methods in detail:

Method 1. Download Individual Emails from Roundcube Webmail

Follow the steps below to download the emails in the Roundcube web interface:

  1. Log in to your webmail using the Roundcube web interface.
  2. Select the particular email and click on the “More” icon on the taskbar.Roundcube1(MANUAL)
  3. Now, select the “Download (.eml)” option from the dropdown list and choose the location to save the email.manual method
  4. The backup process is now complete.


  • This method is suitable if you have to download only a few mails, after that it will become a stressful work for you to download bulk mails using this method one by one.
  • This would be a very lengthy process to follow.

Method 2. Export the entire Roundcube mailbox in MBOX Format

  1. Sign in to the Roundcube webmail interface, click on the “Export Mail” option in the left pane of the screen.
  2. View the mailbox folders of which you wish to take backup such as, inbox, shipping, draft, trash and more.
  3. Select the “Action” button.
  4. then, choose the download option [.zip format] from the list in the “select” drop-down menu, it will save your Roundcube webmail in the .mbox file format.
  5. Now, a pop-up window will appear on your screen which confirms that the mailbox folder has been downloaded. 
  6. Tap the “OK” button and select a location to save your files.

Method 3.  Roundcube Email Backup Wizard- An Automated Solution

To some extent you can avoid the limitations of the above method. But when it comes to the security of your data, you cannot ignore it. We provide a reliable and secure tool which is designed in such a way that is sufficient to back up a Roundcube Mailbox in an efficient and effective manner. You do not have to go around looking for the ideal solution. Download the trial version of Roundcube Email Backup Wizard and test it out before you buy. Avail the most premium benefits of a single tool that not only saves your time but also exports to PST, MBOX, PDF, HTML, MSG, and many other file formats as you get only one file format of your exported data in the above manual methods.

Download the trial version for windows from below link:

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How does the Roundcube Email Backup Wizard work?

Follow the steps given below to know how this software works:

  1. Install and run Roundcube Email Backup Wizard.
  2. Now, select Roundcube Mail from the email source list.Roundcube email backup wizard
  3. Then, enter Roundcube Mail credentials to login and start the email backup process.Roundcube email backup wizard-1
  4. Press the “Login” button.Roundcube email backup wizard-2
  5. This software will scan all the folders of your Roundcube mail on the left side. Now, select the folders or subfolders you want to back up.Roundcube email backup wizard-3
  6. Now, in the “select saving option”, choose the file format in which you want to save your email backup.Roundcube email backup wizard-4
  7. Select advanced settings for the email filter option to enhance your backup process.(Optional)
  8. Select the location you want to save your files that are being prepared for download.Roundcube email backup wizard-5
  9. Press the “Backup” button to start the process of backing up the Roundcube mailbox.Roundcube Email backup wizard-6

After the backup process gets finished you can check all emails of Roundcube mailbox, you will be notified with a log text of completion. 

Premium features of Roundcube Email Backup Wizard:

  • Maintain a hierarchy of folders: This software has sufficient capacity to hold and maintain the structure of the folders during the backup process. Your file is not affected in the whole process. The sequence follows in and after the process.
  • Preserve email elements: It preserves your email attributes during the backup process of Roundcube Mail. Such as date, subject, from (sender/recipient details) embedded images, content, text, body, hyperlink. There will be no modification in the whole process.
  • Export all attachments: along with your content of emails, it also downloads all your attachments which are attached with your file.
  • Free to download: There is no charge to download this tool. It is completely free to download and use. First of all, use it and check all premium features of this software and trust to buy it. All features are available in both the trial and licensed versions.
  • IMAP feature: With using this tool you can take backup of any email service providers out there. IMAP option is available in your email source list through which you can export the emails of your desired email service.
  • Download emails from various cloud servers: This tool runs on the latest technology that can take backup from more than 90+ email service providers globally. The inbuilt email sources are Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365, Zoho Mail, GoDaddy Webmail,, AOL Mail, Yandex.Mail, Earthlink, Fastmail, and many more. 
  • Backup File in 25+ File Formats: You can export your files in various formats as per your choice. There is no predetermined feature like you have to export files in a single format only. You have the option to download email backup in formats like PST, PDF, EML, MSG, MBOX, etc.

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In the above article, we have explained one of the top three ways to download emails from Roundcube Webmail. You can choose any of the above mentioned methods as per your convenience. With Roundcube Email Backup Wizard, you can easily back up all your emails in the desired formats. This software also gives users a free opportunity to test out the capabilities of this wizard and then trust it to purchase.