GoDaddy Email Backup Wizard- Download Emails to Hard Drive

Summary: In this article, we will discuss how you can back up your GoDaddy email data. As we know, GoDaddy Email is a webmail service provider and in order to access your email, you need to be connected to the Internet and signed in to the site that links to your email account. Basically, GoDaddy is an internet domain registrar and web hosting company that also provides email services to its users. Hence, we are explaining how you can easily get the solution to back up your email using GoDaddy Email Backup Wizard. Email is very useful for any business communication. Also, you will find various methods in this blog. So read till the end that will make you understand the importance of downloading your email on a hard drive.

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Why do we need to Download GoDaddy Emails?

There are various requirements that prompt users to back up GoDaddy email to the hard drive. Any query regarding the reasons for backing up emails, then users should read this article carefully to understand the most important importance of having backup.

  • Data Loss: Sometimes, there is a possibility of data loss due to various reasons. So backup would be a helpful method at that time.
  • Free Up space: Users always need more and more space to store their data. And also we always have a lot of data to store. Hence, one must take backup regularly so that they can free up their space to store more on it from time to time.
  • Threat Attacks: There is a high probability of data loss due to unavoidable and uncertain threats and cannot be restored without a backup solution.
  • Unintentional deletion of messages: It usually happens that when we are busy and under a lot of stress we delete something by mistake and then regret it. But if we have backup then we can’t be disappointed at that moment.

Ways to Backup GoDaddy emails to hard Drive

To download GoDaddy emails one should go with some manual methods as well as an automated solution to export the email’s data to the hard drive. Here, we have discussed both in simple steps:

  1. Configure GoDaddy Email account in thunderbird.
  2. Set up GoDaddy Email account to Outlook.
  3. An Expert Solution- GoDaddy Email Backup Wizard 

Method 1. Configure GoDaddy Email account in thunderbird.

  1. Open thunderbird in your system.
  2. Click the hamburger menu in thunderbird.GoDaddy email backup wizard to thunderbird-1
  3. Tap “Account Settings” from the drop-down backup to thunderbird-2
  4. Tap “Account Actions” and tap on “Add Mail Account” in the backup to thunderbird-3
  5. Choose your name that will appear as the sender name under “Your name”, enter your GoDaddy email address under the Email address box and Tap “Continue” to backup to thunderbird-4
  6. Re-check the settings which thunderbird has already entered or you can “configure manually”.GoDaddy to thunderbird-5
  7. click “Done” to finish.
  8. Now select Tools and click Add-ons from thunderbird’s drop-down menu.Save_Thunderbird_2
  9. search ImportExportTools NG in the Find more Extensions.Save_Thunderbird_3
  10. Now tap on +Add to Thunderbird.Save to_Thunderbird_5
  11. Click restart now to restart the thunderbird application after the add-on is installed in it.Save_Thunderbird_to_hard drive_7
  12. Now use this Add-on. i.e, Click on Inbox>> ImportExportTools NG>> Export all messages in the folder>> EML format.Save_Thunderbird_to_Harddrive_8
  13. Your file will download in your chosen location.backup GoDaddy from_Thunderbird_to_Harddrive_9

Method 2. Set up an Email account to Outlook.

1.Open Outlook.

2. Click File>> Add Account.

GoDaddy email to outlook-1

3. Enter your GoDaddy email address and select “connect”.GoDaddy to Outlook-3

4. Choose POP or IMAP settings.GoDaddy to Outlook

5. Enter the details manually as shown below in the screenshot:GoDaddy email backup to outlook-3

6. Enter your password and select “Next”.

7. When you see confirmation that your email account is added, select “Done”.

8. Now again open Outlook and click on the File tab.

9. Tap Open & Export>> Import/Export.

GoDaddy email backup to outlook-7

10. In the Import and Export window, choose Export to a file, and tap next to proceed.

GoDaddy email backup-8

11. Now choose folders of which you have to take backup, don’t forget to check the subfolders checkbox.

GoDaddy email backup-9

12. Click Next and browse the location where you want to save the file.GoDaddy email backup-10

Limitations of Manual Methods 

  • The above process is lengthy and thus time-consuming.
  • There are chances that the file might get corrupted sometimes.
  • Users will get only one predefined file format. i.e, MBOX file in thunderbird configuration and PST file format in Outlook Configuration.

Method 3. GoDaddy Email Backup Wizard- Safe and easy approach

GoDaddy Email Backup Wizard is one of the most widely used software by the users. Using this tool, users have the option to save and download GoDaddy email in various file formats like PST, PDF, EML, EMLX, OST, CSV, MBOX, HTML, etc. It is well designed with highly advanced features that makes your backup process easy and convenient. Download this utility now from the following link:

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 Now, let us understand the steps of this professional software to backup or save GoDaddy emails.

  1. Download and run this GoDaddy Email Backup Wizard.
  2. Select GoDaddy from the list of “Email Sources”.GoDaddy Email Backup Wizard
  3. Now, login to your account with your GoDaddy Id and third-party app password.GoDaddy Email Backup Wizard-2
  4. Now, select the mailbox folders you want to back up and click Next to proceed.GoDaddy Email Backup Wizard-3
  5. Choose your desired file format in which you want to export your emails.GoDaddy Email Backup Wizard-4
  6. You can also opt for various advanced features to enhance your backup process.
  7. Now, choose the “destination path” to save your emails.GoDaddy Email Backup Wizard-5
  8. Tap on the “Backup” button to start the process.GoDaddy Email Backup Wizard-6

This is how you can download GoDaddy emails to the hard drive.

Features of this Effortless Tool to Take GoDaddy Email Backup

  1. Choose desired location: With this tool, users can easily select their desired path to save their backup emails. If you have saved the data at your chosen location then this feature is helpful to access and manage it easily.
  2. Multiple File Formats: This software is capable of providing email to export in various formats like PST, PDF, MBOX, MSG, EML, EMLX, DOC, HTML, and other file formats.
  3. Change Language: You can choose to export your backup in any of the languages as per your choice from the 6 most popular languages.
  4. Advanced Filter Option: Those who want to backup only some selected emails can use this feature effectively. This tool has filter options such as to, from, subject, and date range.
  5. Fully Free Featured Trial: this wizard lets you first use and then trust to buy the premium version of this software. The trial of this software is completely free and tests the capabilities of this tool. you will get the same features as the trial version.
  6. Preserve email elements: This tool is designed in such a way that it keeps all your email attributes and properties as it was before the backup. For example, emails, folders, attachments, sender information, receiver information, subject, signature, HTML links, text formatting, Internet header, date, time, year and so on.

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Wrapping it up

Hence, it is the most trusted tool to back up GoDaddy email using this wizard. With the help of this software, users can easily download their data in no time. Also, if users want to go with manual methods, they can go ahead, but must read their limitations before opting for manual methods. Since they are longer and involve technical steps to follow.

 Common FAQs

 Question 1. Is it possible to back up GoDaddy email with attachments?

 Answer. Yes, this wizard supports downloading emails from GoDaddy webmail with attachments.

 Question 2. Can I install this application on Windows 11?

 Answer. Yes, you can install this software on any Windows OS as this software is compatible with any version of Windows OS.

 Question 3. Does this tool support creating email backups of multiple accounts at once?

 Answer. Yes, using the Bulk Account Backup feature, you can easily back up multiple email accounts at once.