How to Backup Gmail Emails With Attachments?

Are you looking for a way to back up your Gmail account? You can quickly back up your data by following a simple and easy method at no cost. Try a free downloadable Gmail Backup Wizard, such as Gmail Backup Tool. You can download the software from here:

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Gmail is a reliable web-based mailing service and is widely populated. Millions of users depend on it for mailing services. This emailing method is most commonly used for communication between users.

Why Backup Gmail ?

Email clients like Gmail try their best to keep their credibility factor 100% to gain the trust of their users. But in the end, there are some factors that make it unsafe. What if the user is unable to log in? Cyber ​​attacks, hacking, theft, and accidental deletion of emails are one of the major reasons why users want to back up their Gmail data to avoid such situations. Losing your essential data can be a major issue. But to avoid this, one should be careful while using their Gmail account.

Here are some numerous advantages of Gmail Backup:
1. Huge storage Space: If you back up your Gmail account. You can delete some of your unused emails which are of less importance. In this way you are able to manage the space in your account.
2. Offline access: After backing up on your system, you can access it offline even when you are not connected to the internet.
3. Less manpower: If your account is hacked and you are unable to access it due to any reason. At that point, your effort will be less and also you will not be more stressed for the data you need.
4. Easy search and Organisation: When you have a copy of your data in your storage device, you can easily organize them however you like. This can be beneficial when you need to search for a specific email.

Ways to Backup Gmail Email Folders

Here, we will discuss three different ways to download Gmail emails to PC. All methods are helpful to save Gmail emails. Explore all of them and choose the right one as per your need

How to Download Gmail using Google Takeout?

Backing up Gmail using Google takeout is just a simple method which is provided by Google. Let’s understand this process in just an easy way by following mentioned steps:

Step 1. First of all log in to your Gmail account with your Gmail ID.

google takeout 1
Step 2. Go to “Manage your Google Account”.

google takeout 2
Step 3. Tap on “Data & Privacy” on the left.

google takeout 3
Step 4. Scroll down and click “Download or delete your data”.

google takeout 4
Step 5. You will then be redirected to the “Google takeout” page.

google takeout 6
Step 6. Now, click on “Create an Export” and select the data to include for backup.

google takeout 7
Step 7. Check “Mail” in the list of checkboxes and proceed by clicking “Next as top”.

google takeout 8
Step 8. Choose the file type, frequency, and destination to save your file.

google takeout 9
Step 9. Click “Create Export”.

Step 10. Your backup data is ready to download.

Limitation of Google Takeout:

  • The backup process using Google Takeout is very time-consuming.
  • Export the backup file only in MBOX format which is another task as it needs to be converted again in order to access it.
  • This method is not suitable for multiple account holders.
  • Copy Gmail data into zip format, which further compresses the files.

How to Backup Gmail Emails via Save As Option?

This is another easy and simple method to copy your Gmail data to your local storage device. In comparison with Google Takeout, it is more simple and easy to use without following any complex process.
1. Login your Gmail account and open a particular message one by one.

backup gmail 1
2. Tap the three dots icon on the right side and choose “download message” from the drop-down menu.

backup gmail 2
3. Tap “download message”.
4. Your message will be downloaded in .eml file into your system.

backup gmail 3

If you try this method you will be frustrated if you have to download a huge amount of Gmail data. Undoubtedly this is an easy way to export your message but only suitable for 10-20 emails but after that it can consume a lot of your efforts and time.

How to Download Gmail Emails Automatically?

Download and install Email Backup Wizard on your system. This software is well-suitable to perform full backup of Gmail mailbox along with attachments. The software has various saving option to download Gmail emails in your desired file format. It preserves data integrity and folder hierarchy as well during the backup process. Additionally, it also enables you to download selected emails based on date range.

Steps to Backup Gmail Emails with Attachments

Step 1: Download Gmail Backup Wizard and install it on your system.


gmail backup 1

Step 2. Choose Gmail from email source list and enter its login credentials to proceed.

gmail backup 2

Step 3. Select mailbox folders from where you wish to take backup.

Step 4: Choose the file format as per your requirement. The specialty of this software is that you can export your backup file in 15+ multiple formats.

gmail backup 3

Step 5: Then, if you need to, you can speed up your backup process by applying filter options using advanced settings.
Click on the “convert” button and in a few seconds your file will be saved to your desired location.

gmail backup 2

Why Use Gmail Backup Tool?

This software is an all-in-one tool that fulfills all your needs to backup your Gmail data. You can understand better by reading the following some specialized features of this utility:
1. Simple user interface: This tool provides an easy graphical interface that is easy to understand and use. As it doesn’t require users to be technical experts to use this tool.
2. Bulk account Backup: Users can take backup of multiple accounts at same time by using the “Batch Mode” feature.
3. Email filter option: You can enhance your backup process using advanced filter options. i.e, you can choose specific dates between you wish to take backup. For eg, you want to take backup of emails from some selective persons, then you can enter their details to take backup.
4. Folder Selection Option: Users allowed to choose specific folders from where they wish to take backup. Either They can choose entire folders or can select some selective one.
5. Convert email to multiple file formats: this tool is proficient enough to export your email file into 15+ multiple formats as per your wish. i.e, PST, MSG, EML and many more.
6. Maintains folder hierarchy: when you download your backup, you will see one feature that is your files will be saved in a structured format. You don’t need to organize them.
7. Transfer emails to cloud server: Using this tool, you can transfer emails from one account to another email server using IMAP server settings.
8. Freedom to save backup at your desired location: You are free to save your backup files as per your choice.
9. Preserve email elements/attributes: This tool not only exports your message content but also saves along it’s attachment with the message.
10. Fast & Secure: it gives your desired result in very less time. And it is 100% secure.

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Wrapping Up

So, now you understand why Gmail backup is essential along with its importance. As we know that email service has become the most used service for communication. Again, it is very important to back up your data in case you lose any of your important data. We have provided some of the easiest and best solutions to download your data in less time with no cost. Read the features and drawbacks before choosing any method to take backup of your data.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I backup my Gmail to the hard drive?
    Ans: Yes, you can backup your Gmail files to any of your storage devices. As this software provides features of saving in location as per your choice.
  2. Is it possible to export backup files in multiple formats?
    Ans: Yes definitely, you can export your files in various formats as per your requirement.
  3. How much time will it take to download backup of Gmail account?
    Ans: This Gmail backup wizard is a powerful tool which is fast and efficient. However, time to give you desired results depends upon your file formats and your internet speed.