How to Backup BT Internet Emails With Attachments?

This article introduces an easy-to-use solution to backup BT Internet emails with attachments. If you are BT Mail user and want to export emails from your account, refer to this helpful article. Here, we will provide a complete guide to save BT Internet emails in a simple way.

BT Internet Mail is also known as BT Mail is an email service provided by British Telecommunications. It is the most widely used email platform in the United Kingdom. It provides various standard email features to its users including email composition, sending and receiving emails, managing emails, contacts, etc.

Why is it Important to Backup BT Internet Emails?

Having a backup copy of your mailbox data is important in this digital era. There are lot of benefits of saving BT Internet emails locally. Some of them are given here-

  • If you have a backup copy of your emails then you can protect your data in case of accidental deletion, malware attacks, hardware/software failure, and many other uncertain situations.
  • Downloading BT Internet emails to the system allows you to access them without an Internet connection.
  • You can easily share and migrate your BT Internet emails from a backup copy.

Hence backup BT Internet emails is necessary. However, it does not offer any option to download emails from it. We left using an automated solution to export emails from BT Mail.

Let’s get into this method to know more about this method.

How to Download BT Internet Emails Automatically?

Try Email Backup Tool on your Windows and Mac systems. The software enables you to backup BT Internet emails to PC/Computer/Hard Drive in just a few simple steps. Using this tool, you can save BT Internet emails in your desired file formats. Folder hierarchy will be maintained during the process and no modification will take place. It is able to export BT internet emails with all email attributes such as sender/receiver info, attachments, hyperlinks, etc.

Click on the FREE download button and analyze its working procedure.


Steps to Backup BT Internet With Attachments

1. Run BT Mail Backup Tool on your system.

run bt internet backup tool

2. Choose Choose BT Mail from the 90+ email source list.

choose bt mail

3. Enter BT Internet account login credentials and click on Login to sign in.

enter bt mail login details

4. Select required mailbox folders and subfolders for backup.

choose mailbox folders

5. Choose a saving option from given list.

selct saving option

6. Click on browse and select destination path.

browse target location

7. Click on Backup button to begin the process.

click on backup

It will immediately start downloading emails from BT Mail. After completing the process, go to the destination folder and check downloaded data.

Key Features of BT Internet Backup Tool

  • The software can directly save BT Internet emails without any external help.
  • It can download emails in multiple formats such as PST, PDF, MBOX, etc.
  • It preserves all email elements and components during the process.
  • The tool maintains the original structure of mailbox data while backup.
  • Also, it can directly transfer BT Mail to any cloud-based email platform.
  • It provides various advanced filter options for selective email backup.
  • It is designed with advanced algorithms and a simplified user interface.
  • This utility is compatible with both Mac and Windows Operating System.
  • It allows you to choose a destination path to save resultant file at your desired location.
  • A free demo version and 24/7 customer support team are available.


In this post, we have explained an automated solution to backup BT Internet emails to Computer/PC/Hard Drive. You just need to follow a few simple steps to save all emails from BT Mail. You can also try the demo version and download the first 25 emails per folder from your account. With its trial version, you can test its working procedure without any cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Is it possible to save emails only from the inbox folder?

Ans – Yes, you can choose only the inbox folder for backup.

Q 2. Does this software support all versions of Windows and Mac OS?

Ans – Yes, it supports all latest and old versions of Windows and Mac OS.